Los Angeles is faced with different water damage risks and challenges

Los Angeles is quite a unique county. The people living here are very mindful of this place and they celebrate life and its adventures. They also believe that they are strong when they help each other. When it comes to flooding and water damage from the extreme weather conditions and natural calamities, we have to work together to overcome it. Here are some tips that will help you minimize water damage to your property and help the community whenever faced with extreme threatening weather.

Water Damage Major Tip: Be Prepared Now!

Action will always beat reaction. One of the bigger tips for you to protect your property from the dangers of water damage is to take up for all the reasonable precautions to minimize water damage risk from flooding that is either caused by weather or plumbing failure. Whether or not you live in Los Angeles, it is crucial that your property is fully protected from the risks of water damage. That being said; here are some tips that you can follow to protect your property from water damage. You will notice the change right away whenever you consider these 12 tips before any flooding event occurs:

  1. First and foremost, ensure that your property insurance is fully paid for and that th coverage is adequate. You can learn more at https://www.usa.gov/property-insurance
  2. You should keep your insurance policies and also the list of personal property and any other kind of important personal and business documents in a secured waterproof and fireproof safe. In case you don’t have a safe already, then consider having these document on an offsite storage or a safety deposit box
  3. Take good and clear images of your home or business location, both internal and external. This will provide you with a record of documentation of your insured and uninsured losses. This will later help you with your insurance claim process. You can also write of uninsured losses
  4. Make sure that the sump pumps in your basement are working properly
  5. In case the water damage is caused by plumbing failure, find the source of the leak and stop it immediately before you call for help
  6. Take clear images of all the water damage that has occurred to your home or business place for documentation purpose
  7. Start the cleanup and drying process asap. Also, disinfect using antifungal products to prevent any mold and to protect your family from the hazards of bacteria
  8. If mold has started growing, try to avoid exposure to any potential hazardous spores and call a mold remediation expert immediately

Whether you are in Los Angeles or anywhere else, we have prepared this effective water damage recovery plan for you. You should act fast, work safely, get professional help with major water damage and restoration and finally watch out for mold risk.

Consider These Water Damage Safety Precautions

We fully understand that there is nothing more important than the safety of your family, customers and employees. Here are some water damage safety guidelines:

  • Do not attempt to enter a flooded building unless you are sure that the main power and gas service is fully disconnected. Also ensure that the building hasn’t suffered any structural damage that can potentially make it unstable
  • Do not attempt to touch any electrical equipment unless it is in a dry, you are fully dry and you are standing on a dry surface
  • Be careful because standing floodwater will contain chemical and biological contaminants. Also minimize your exposure to it. Finally, make sure that you clean and disinfect yourself, your clothes and ay other tools that were exposed to any kind of floodwater
  • In case your remains flooded wet for more than 24 hours, be very alert for mold growth. In case of tight spaces, that remain wet and warm are the perfect space for fungus and bacteria to grow. Immediately consult a mold testing and remediation specialist

If you have water standing in your Los Angeles home or business, call 24/7 Water Damage Restoration today.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration has built a strong foundation in the water damage restoration business by working hard day and night and helping our community in Los Angeles to recover from any kind of unfortunate events.