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We have been serving the Los Angeles County for all types of mold inspections and testing. We are certified mold hygienists and certified advanced mold inspector and can carry out a professional mold inspection at your property.

Quick Alert!

You should be beware of mold inspection companies that also offer mold remediation repairs. The reason is that their testing is specifically designed to offer a free inspection but they drive up the cost through mold remediation and eventually charge you for the inspection process as well. Always ask questions and remember that nothing is free. Make sure that you use an unbiased certified mold inspector.

Welcome to 24/7 Water Damage Restoration, we are the best mold inspectors and remediation experts in Los Angeles. Whenever any homeowner calls us, they usually have a mold problem and they don’t know how and where to start its remediation process. The very first thing we do as a company is determine if you really have a mold problem or maybe a water damage problem at home. Only then we will start our remediation process.

  • Home Buyers: As a new home buyer, you have a single chance to find out for any potential problems while you are still in escrow. When we walk into a home for inspection purpose, we have the attitude that someone is trying their best to hide something from our client. We have several different trained mold inspectors working for our company and we have helped our customers many times from mold problem. In case you are buying a bank owned house, you will have to remember that banks have absolutely nothing to do disclose. Moreover, the previous owner of the house has no money to fix any of the existing mold or water problems. We have a very effective system put together for this, which helps through proper documentation and we also address all such problems fixed or the cost is usually deducted from the sale. Don’t let anyone fool you. When banks say, “It is an as-is sale” means they have money in their hands. In case your deal falls through for any reason, your bank has to have the documentation where they will be disclosing it to the very next buyer that maybe a year down the road. This always works and this is the reason we are approached by several hundred realtors in the Los Angeles County
  • Home Seller: You have to be ethical when it comes to home selling. During the pre-sale time, home mold inspection is always a nice idea. The detected mold and water problems usually happen near the end of escrow and then there is not enough time to fix the issue. Chance are that your buyer will flee away from the deal, and you will be left to fix the problem for the next buyer. Will the next buyer ever come if your existing one left a really bad review? So, it is always a wise decision to have a pre-sale mold inspection done by professionals
  • Realtors: Nobody would buy a shack in the state of Los Angeles without a proper mold inspection done first. Your buyer is relying a lot on you to guide him on everything from the start to the end of the purchase. When they move into a new home and start finding major problems that could have been detected by proper inspections, the first thing he would do is sue the realtor. As a realtor, you have to do the right thing for your customers and yourself as well. Our initial lab report documentation will help you a lot to protect you at the close of the escrow
  • Homeowners: Chances are the you or someone in your family might be having some health concerns. Mold spores can make the condition worse and chances are that mold spores might be the problem. Often health conditions are associated with mold. Our job is to help you determine what type of mold you are dealing with and you will have to do to the doctor who specializes in mold. You will also require an initial home inspection and air quality test which will help to identify the problem or even eliminate it. We have dealt with thousands of mold cases and have completed several inspections
  • Prices: We will make sure that you get the most competitive pricing options from us. We also offer discounts to keep you happy and not break your bank balance

Allow us to do the pre-testing and offer a free inspection to tell you if you really have a mold problem. Sometimes, mold remediation Los Angeles is not required.

Toxic mold remediation Los Angeles? You can take advantage of our free inspections along with lab tests. This help to identify if there really is a toxic mold problem in your house.

Mold removal and remediation Los Angeles should only be carried out by professionals. This will help ensure that its passes all of our clearance tests. Mold inspection Los Angeles in winter is offered with a discount. So, contact us today!

Mold inspector Los Angeles will do all of the mold testing. We have years of experience and we will also give you the best possible advice.

At 24/7 Water Damage Restoration, we highly respect the value of our responsible inspections and tests. We work hard day and night so that all of our customers can have the peace of mind after the completion of our services. As a company, we are multi-functional, have a cohesive team and come equipped with outstanding skills and extensive experience in professional mold inspections and remediations. Moreover, we will also provide you with the best inspection possible ensure that your mold problem is timely identified and remediated so you can have the peace of your mind and leave worry free in your house. You can visit pages on our website to learn about our website and the vast range of mold remediation services that we offer to both residential and commercial locations in Los Angeles.

You don’t have to pay too much for expensive mold inspection or remediation at all. 24/7 Water Damage Restoration can help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars by offering very affordable, reliable and high-quality remediation and inspections services.

We take every client as if it was our first one and ensure that we bring smile on their faces by resolving all of their issues.

So, if you suspect mold in your house or can clearly see the visible signs of mold growth, contact us today, discuss your problem and get a free of cost estimate for our services.

Why Inspections Are Important?

24/7 Water Damage Restoration – Serving Los Angeles County For The Past Several Years

Mold And Mold Spores

One of the major problems in houses of Los Angeles are the mold spores. These are microscopic organisms that easily waft through the outdoor and indoor air continuously. Whenever the mold spores land on some damp spot indoors, they will begin growing a full mold colony which becomes very difficult to manage. At least, as long as the mold has a source of moisture and food, it continues to grow. Moreover, as mold spores continue to spready through the air, they will also land on every moist surface and food where they can grow and spread. Chances are they might get inhaled through mouth or nose or even land on your skin. They can even land on your eyes and ears where they can cause infections. This is one of the ways as to how mold affects some individual’s health. More than 250,000 mold spores can fit on the head of a pin.

Living Mold

Mold need a favorable environment to grow and it becomes a health hazard to you, your family and pets very soon. It also causes structural damage to your home or apartment. Here is what mold requires to survive:

  • A source of moisture
  • Food source like drywall, carpets, wood and construction material, bricks, leather and concrete. Mold can grow almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors, even on the leaves, dirt and plant life outside
  • Mold can easily survive and spread from 60-90-degrees Fahrenheit. Even in colder temperatures, it will not die but will remain dormant while still being dangerous
  • If humidity is above 50-Degree Fahrenheit, mold will still grow and thrive

How Mold Spreads?

Whenever mold spores find a way into your house or apartment, they will land almost everywhere and on everything they find. Some simple things like sitting on the furniture or just walking one a carpet alone can stir up millions of mold spores. These spores are then airborne and can be inhaled by human beings. You have to remember the most important thing that mold needs to survive and spread is moisture, food and the right temperature and humidity levels. These microscopic mold spores will then enter the wall cavities through any tiny cracks or holes that they find. These could be in wood, paper in drywall, leaks in shower fans, plumbing or even water which was splashed against into the interior drywall. There are other ways for moisture to enter the wall cavities in your house. Whenever these two things mix up, the only remaining thing left is the right temperature and humidity to start a new mold colony.

Health & Mold

There are three different kinds of mold groups when it comes to health-related issues:

  1. Pathogenic: These are the most dangerous types of mold as they cause serious health problems by affecting your immune system and is usually disease oriented
  2. Allergenic: These molds cause allergies like asthmatic symptoms, wheezing, runny nose, eye infections and headaches which aren’t life-threatening
  3. Toxic: The mycotoxins can also cause some serious health effects in human beings. These include cancer, skin disease, headaches, immune system problems, memory loss, nose and throat irritation, chronic fatigue, persistent cold symptoms, itching and watery eyes, burning, dizziness and nausea. Women, especially the ones who are pregnant, will experience problems of miscarriages. The toxic mold can even become so hazardous that it causes systemic rashes all over your body.

You should be seriously concerned about all the possible mold problems in case any of your family members are suffering from any unexplained health problems.

The airborne mold spores can easily enter your body just by inhaling them from mouth and nose or even through your eyes and ears.

On the other hand, the non-airborne mold can enter you or your children’s bodies, simply by a touch. Though some people aren’t at risk with mold, other individuals might be at a higher risk like the elderly people, infants, children, asthmatic personas, pregnant women and those who have some respiratory conditions.

Respiratory Conditions:

Important to mention here that not all of the molds produce mycotoxins all the time and it doesn’t have to be alive to be dangerous. Even the dead and dormant one can have the same level of toxicity. Just by smelling dead or dormant mold can make you seriously ill.

Home Damage

As mentioned earlier, mold can eat whatever it grows on. It can eat up your house and home. In case you have any mold growth in your house, don’t ignore its maintenance. Whenever you ignore the roof leaks, plumbing leaks, water stains on ceilings, sewer line leaks, indoor sell of mold, visual mold growth, wet and damp attic, high humidity in your home and your basement and other crawl spaces, your house is at a risk of developing mold and getting eaten up by it. Chances are that despite fixing these issues, mold colonies will still continue to grow because they found a favorable habitat. Never presume that there is no mold problem just because you can’t see any visible signs of mold growth. Often times, the worst infestations are the ones which are not visible to the naked eye. Molds growing hidden in ceilings, walls, basements, attics, crawl spaces and heating and cooling ducts are the worst.

Perhaps you are thinking that mold growth in a new home is almost impossible. You are fooling yourself. It is actually guaranteed.

Moreover, hoping that a new home will always be mold free is also wrong. Majority of the new homes now a days come with mold infestation. The reason for that is:

  • The building materials that were used were already moldy. The timbers sold nowadays are not kiln-dried as they used to be in the past. This increases the chance of high moisture content in them, which makes it very favorable for the mold to grow
  • The builder of the house, its supervisors and the employees fail to do the quality control. This leads to the use of moldy building materials in the construction process
  • Might possible that the builder stores building materials inventory on the outside ground without any plastic sheet to protect it from rain. This can become a source of mold growth
  • The construction crew responsible fails to cover the home under construction with plastic sheeting by the end of each construction day, which could have helped to protect the building materials from rain. Moreover, the roof and side walls also require protection against rain until the entire rood, windows, doors and siding have been installed to seal out the rain
  • Builders fail to inspect and potentially test the home for any mold growth while it was under construction
  • Using modern building materials, which includes chip, wafer boards, drywall and plywood. All of these are a lovely food to mold
  • Failing to spray all wood-based construction materials on the surfaces with a spray of EPA-registered fungicide

California Mold Disclosure Law

Important to note here that mold isn’t a new problem. It has been always with us and will remain with us. The reason it is being highlighted more and more is because of the health problems and damage that it can cause along with the lawsuits against real estate brokers, sellers and homebuilders. Just like the asbestos laws and lead paint poison laws, the government has acted gradually.

The State of California Government has acted way back in 2002, where it passed the official Mold Disclosure Law. The change in this law was supposed to go into effect in the year 2004.

With this new law, the builders, real estate sellers, agents and the brokers are now bound to include a Mold Disclosure Statement whenever the property is sold or transferred. This disclosure allows the homebuyer to know about the mold problems in the house.

The Don’ts

Never ever think about hiring any Certified Mold Inspector who also perform the remediation work or recommends you for it. The reality is that mold remediators make their living on the property owner’s misfortune which is mold infestation. Not to mention that mold remediation is extremely expensive business and there are several reasons why you shouldn’t be using a mold remediation company for the initial home inspection. Below we have listed those reasons:

  • Fraudulent Mold Testing: There are some contractors who bring the mold test results to you, which shows some serious mold problems in your house. Unfortunately, those mold samples were not from your home. They were the samples that have been intentionally infected with extremely large amount of mold spores taken from other locations. The purpose of doing fraud this way is to frighten you into authorizing more of the remediation work that what is actually necessary
  • House Cooking: This is another yet an old scam, which was designed to return back the worst test results. Here, the mold inspector will first shut all the windows and turn on the furnace. This will elevate the laying mold spores in the air before the sample is taken. Some inspectors also turn the ceiling fans and humidifiers to give it a full blast. The main purpose here is to cause high levels of mold spores so that they can justify their costly remediation work and rip you off. Make sure you hire a mold inspector who doesn’t offer remediation work
  • Mold Sniffing Dogs: If you haven’t already seen them, you’ll soon do. This is a nice way of scamming innocent people is becoming very common.

In the mold remediation business, there is a lot of deception and abuse. We are not trying to defame or attack anyone. Our job is to help you as much as we could to avoid such scams. Only the Certified Mold Remediators are qualified to remove dangerous mold.