Fire Damage Restoration

Are you experiencing fire damage at your home? Let us know, because we can surely help you!

Whenever you experience something traumatic and devastating like a fire at your residence or your business place, we can help you out remediate all the damage with our Los Angeles fire damage restoration services. We will work hard to reduce the damage as much as possible and also do the recovery of your valuable belongings. 24/7 Water Damage Restoration’s fire damage and smoke removal service will make use of some of the high-tech equipment along with fine-tuned techniques, which ensures that your beautiful property, including the ceilings and walls are restored to their original state as close to their feasible state. Moreover, the specialists of fire and smoke removal at 24/7 Water Damage Restoration will work at their best potential to restore your property and minimize the long-term damage which is caused by soot and ash, commonly dispersed within the air.

Your First 24 Hours Are Extremely Crucial

We understand the seriousness of the situation, that is why we offer a rapid response for halting the ongoing damage process that is caused by the acid in smoke and soot. Both of these acids can cause a lot of damage to the structure and contents of your house. The professional fire damage technicians at 24/7 Water Damage Restoration will quickly arrive at your location and begin the inspection process. After inspecting the extend of damage, they will provide you with accurate, complete and a fair estimate for all of the needed repairs.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • 30-Minute Response
  • Insurance Approved
  • A+ Company

Local and Leading Los Angeles Fire Damage Experts You Can Rely On!

Our technicians are IICRC certified and they have all the latest skills and knowledge that is require to test for all the affected materials and to help you restore your property and belonging to their original state as soon as possible. Our team works in tandem with you and your insurance provider as well, which ensures that all of the cleanup and restoration process is performed quickly, professionally and safely. Best of all, our 24/7 emergency response services helps to ensure that our Los Angeles fire damage restoration technicians reach your location ASAP after the phone call. Being the most experienced and trustworthy Los Angeles fire damage, soot and smoke removal companies, we have come to realize that in most of the fire damage cases, irrespective of the scale of damage, an immediate attention is extremely crucial an required. Any kind of delays will only lead to more odors and soot becoming absorbed deeper into the walls and flooring, which makes them extremely difficult to get rid of. Our 24/7 Los Angeles fire damage restoration services will make sure that you will get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Once again, don’t worry about the level or scale of fire damage that has occurred at your home. Our professionals can help you get out of any situation that you are facing at the very moment.

From the time damage happens, there are plenty of things you have to take care of. This also includes the public adjusters, insurance representatives and other restoration companies who will want the business while you are still struggling with the loss that has occurred. We highly recommend you to take a moment and evaluate various choices that are available at your disposable. 24/7 Water Damage Restoration is your first and the best choice because we are fully certified, insured and approved as well. We will always be there whenever you need out help, no matter what time of the day or night it is. In case there is fire that has badly impacted your home or business, give us the chance to put things back to normal again.

What Steps You Should Take If You Experience Fire Damage In Los Angeles

Step1: Contact An Emergency Service Immediately

Your first step should be to call an emergency service immediately. After the fire department has put out the fire and has deemed that your property is now safe, next you should be calling for restoration services. The sooner you contact for restoration services, the less damage will spread.

Ideally, you should contact a service that offers 24/7 restoration service. These companies will quickly reach your location, assess the damage and finally begin the restoration process.

Step 2: Assessing The Damage Caused By Fire

After getting in touch with the fire restoration company, the first thing they will is assess the level of damage that has occurred. They will take into consideration everything and tell how far the fire, soot, smoke and water have moved throughout the property and the damage that it has caused. This initial assessment will help you know about the damage that has occurred throughout your house, especially to the ceilings, walls and furniture.

This step is actually very important for the restoration company so that they can understand how to begin the restoration process and what will be their plan of action.

Step 3: Securing Property From Further Damage

After the assessment is complete, your fire restoration company will then apply tarps and sealing to heavily damaged areas that have resulted holes in the roof, walls and ceilings. This helps prevent any further damage taking place. In most of the scenarios, fire restoration service will be experienced enough with water damage. Fire causes pipes to burst, which results in bursting of damaged pipes and it stops the flow of water before it gets the chance of spreading throughout your property.

Step 4: The Clean-Up Phase

This phase takes place once everything has been secured. Your fire damage restoration company will start with cleaning up the water, smoke and soot throughout the property. Your rooms will definitely look dark, stained and charred. Your fire restoration service will then clean up all of the damaged areas, which helps in making your property appear as normal as possible.

Another important thing that your fire restoration company will do is remove the odors that are caused by smoke. This includes odors that are embedded in carpets, furniture and other rooms that were affected by fire and lingering smoke. This will help to thoroughly clean everything and bring back the best possible repair.

Step 5: Fire Damage Renovation & Repair

In case the cabinets were damaged, your fire damage restoration team will help you repair or replace the new cabinets. This also involves the carpets and walls that require repainting, wallpaper rehung and also replacement of the drywall whenever necessary.

Within this phase, your restoration company will bring your property back to its good condition.

Step 6: Fire Damage Restoration Consultation

After the fire damage restoration process is fully complete, a lot of companies will offer you a briefing and consultation service, that teaches on how to prevent any future fires. These people are knowledgeable and whatever they recommend should be taken seriously. The fire could also be caused by something which was totally preventable in the very first place. So, do take their advice seriously.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Is The #1 Smoke & Fire Damage Company In Los Angeles

It is very important that you undertake each of the step of property restoration process along with intense keenness and also ensure that it is correctly done, because failure of this procedure or overlooking even the simplest things can result in some serious problems. Moreover, fire restoration is a dangerous thing that shouldn’t be done by homeowners and should be left with professionals only. So, if you are looking for someone to take care of your home restoration professionally, 24/7 Water Damage Restoration can help you. Give us a call today, and get a free of cost estimate.