Los Angeles CA Sewage Cleanup

24/7 Water Damage Restoration can professionally handle all of your sewage cleanup work in the Los Angeles county. Whether it is a residential or commercial sewer backup issue, we have all the required resources, tools and manpower to handle it with ease. The sewage extraction professionals at our company are professionals and they make use of patented equipment and certified techniques that help to remove any raw sewage, while disinfecting your property. We also make use of mold prevention techniques to ensure that there is no future mold growth. This means, that you will feel the peace knowing that your property is fully free from the harmful agents and that your home is a safe place be in with your kids and pets.

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Our company offers you a free of cost estimate and our prices are usually determined by your insurer. In simple, you don’t have to guess whether out cost estimate if fair because it is the exact amount that your insurance company will determine as acceptable. You can give us a call today and we will send one of our technicians to provide you with a free onsite property inspection. The technician will walk you through the amount of sewage damage and what is required to clean it up.

Sewage Back-ups Aren’t Something To Be Ignored

We highly suggest that you shouldn’t take sewage backups as something light or worse, ignore them. As homeowner, you should be cautious about it and instead of trying any useless DIY remedies, immediately call a professional to help you minimize the damage.

Raw Sewage Contains Agents That Can Make You Sick/ILL

The US EPA says that raw sewage has things like E-Coli virus, salmonella, tetanus, round worm, Hepatitis-A and it is a host to several other viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. These can be fatal as well.

You should try to protect yourself from these things. This can only be done via proper sewage cleanup by professionals who have access to property safety suites and equipment.

How We Cleanup Sewage?

First, we begin with the sewage damage assessment and estimation. Your property is properly inspected for all the sewage damage that has occurred. We will also provide you the cost to clean it up. The basic inspection is free and you will never be forced to use our service. We will reach your property, walkthrough it and determine the amount of damage. Finally, we will layout a plant for sewage mitigation and also provide you with the estimate in writing for the entire cost of our services.

How We Determine The Cost Of Our Sewage Cleanup Services?

Our company will plug in the specs of the damage into our software which is create by insurance companies and is used to determine how much they are liable to pay. In simple, 100% of our prices are driven by insurance companies. There is no bait or any switch or gouging of the customer. Our rates are industry accepted.

  • Item Pack-out: Once you give us a green signal to begin the sewage cleanup, our first step would be to remove household items that have been damaged. These include boxes, furniture, clothing, bath mats and any other thing. We will safely remove these items and make sure to disinfect them so they can be turned to their original state. In case, an item is badly damage, we may not be able to fully restore it, still we will catalogue them to help you get the reimbursement
  • Sewage Removal & Disinfecting: Next step is to get into the dirty work. This include removing the standing sewage. We make use of variety of equipment to safely dispose all the sewage. Once it has been safely removed, we will then disinfect the affected area to ensure all the pathogens are killed
  • Moisture Detection & Structural Drying: After ensuring that all the raw sewage has been removed and your property has been disinfected, we will determine the areas of your property that high moisture levels. We have access to moisture detectors that help spot moisture. We use drying equipment to fully dry out the moisture

Are You Thinking Of Sewage Backup Yourself?

You need to think again. Sewage water isn’t something that a novice can handle or even attempt to. It is very dangerous and the job will never be done right.

Our Staff Is Ready To Help You!

In case you need emergency services, no matter what time it is, our crew is always ready to help you.

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What We Can Do To Mitigate The Risk Of Future Sewer Backups?

Most of the losses never have to happen. In Los Angeles, there are a number of ways for you that you can follow to prevent sewer backup. You should watch your pour down your drain. One of the major problems that Los Angeles residents often run into are the hardened grease blocking sewer systems. One may be tempted to pour bacon greasing in the drain with hot water running. Think again! This will only make the grease make it to the main sewer line. As soon as it hits the colder pipes, it will begin creating a blockage, which will send the sewage water back into your home.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Understands that your sewage backup problem is very traumatizing. This is why we are committed to providing you with the highest level of Los Angeles CA sewage cleanup service and we provide the best customer service in town. We have basement flood contractors that will respond you ASAP and begin the remediation process quickly. Our estimates for our services are always free and we are approved by majority of the major insurance providers. We will work with them to handle all the claim process.

In case you are facing a sewage backup problem, get in touch with our certified restoration company and we will help you get rid of your problem.