At 24/7 Water Damage Restoration, we check your building for mold, mildew andfor air quality. After testing, we give you with our advised course of action to enhance your indoor air.


We serve a range of various clients – both household and industrial. Our team contains certified professionals with years of experience.

Property owners, Lessees and Property Supervisors

Indicators of water breach? Noticeable microbial development? High humidity? Completed remediation? Fungal spores are unnoticeable in the air. We can evaluate for what you cannot see and give you peace of mind.


Want to make a healthy environment for your staff members? We can examine the air quality at your organization.

Individuals with Health Issues

Allergies? Mold sensitivity? Autoimmune troubles? Other unusual symptoms? We can find what VOCs, mold and mildews and allergens remain in your home. We provide a variety of alternatives: from ERMI screening to full house evaluations with suggestions for removal as well as preventative procedures.

Real Estate Transactions

Has a home inspection found elevated dampness? Various other “red flags” for potential mold development? Do disclosures show previously finished repair work due to water damages? Do you have Clearance Test results? Show your customer how much you care about their financial investment and wellness! Know what you are purchasing or offering.

Remediation Companies

New remediation project? We are here to provide you with an in-depth scope of work and testing. Water damage repaired? All noticeable microbial growth removed? Offer your customer a satisfaction with a CLEARANCE TEST.

Medical care Providers

Everybody recognizes the importance of healthy and balanced foods and workout. However, what are your patients breathing and touching? We can determine what molds, VOCs as well as particles are influencing their lifestyl. ERMI screening and assessment solutions are readily available.

Schools and also Daycare Centers

Youngsters spend hours indoors learning and playing. Allow us to find out what they are breathing inside the class.

Vehicle Owners

We love our autos and the open road, yet do you get a headache as soon as you enter your vehicle? Does your car have a funny odor? We can help you make certain you are NOT driving a “mystery machine” or a “mold-mobile”.


Mold and mildew are a fungus that can be found almost everywhere, but it will spread a lot more aggressively in wet locations without appropriate ventilation, or on surface areas that are not dried properly. Modern building materials and approaches, such as well shielded homes where outside air does not easily come into the house, allow for mold and mildew growth.

While some sorts of fungi may work (to make anti-biotics, cheeses as well as beer), others are toxic and potentially hazardous. Increased awareness of illness related to mold and the problem of insurer to insure home that is mold and mildew ravaged has made testing for mold compulsory when getting or advertising a house.

Mold might or may not show up. When it is, it appears as a surface stain or staining, or as a dark growth. At times, mildew scent exists. Mold and mildew emit a carcinogen when existing in large amounts, called nests.

With our mold testing services we perform a preliminary non-intrusive aesthetic evaluation focused on the exploration of mold growth and also dampness – the leading causes of fungal contamination as well as mold and mildew development.

  • Use of a moisture meter and thermo-imaging (as needed) to find locations of actively wet structure products.
  • Use a temperature level and humidity meter to figure out the relative moisture in the areas evaluated.
  • Outside cursory check, if the living locations checked have outdoors wall surfaces.
  • Testing and lab evaluation is recommended based on our visual evaluation and the history of the residential or commercial property, which can also can be executed by us (with client approval). The evaluation consists of fungal air samples (spore catches) and also surface area samples (swabs, tape and mass).

With an air sample, an outdoor sample is always collected and used as a baseline.

Within 1- 2 business days of completion of the evaluation, you will obtain, by means of e-mail, a documented image report which highlights problems, analyzes laboratory outcomes and offers suggestions.

Allergen and Particulates: Allergen and particulate testing are available as an extra to the mold and mildew inspection and also air testing. Please allow us to understand at the start of the inspection if you need this kind of screening and also which analysis you need – irritant or fragment.

Our examiner will execute a visual analysis for irritant problems in the inside of your home as well as accumulate laboratory samples. Within 1- 2 business days of completion, you will get via e-mail research laboratory outcomes as well as any type of recommendations.

Allergen and Fragment Evaluation consists of:

  • Evaluation contains recognition of various other particulates including metrology to particles/m3 as well as a basic analysis of history particles.
  • Particulates determined in both of the evaluation are Animal; Bird; Cellulose, Glass as well as Synthetic fibers.
  • Irritant Evaluation breaks down Pollen right into trees, lawns and also etc. kinds. Fragment Evaluation only provides total matter.
  • Irritant Analysis includes Hyphal Pieces (Fungis) – underlying structures that produce mold and mildew spores. They are an indication of energetic mold and mildew development.
  • Fragment Analysis consists of Plaster, Silicates, Soot as well as Talc.

Mold Screening Provider We Provide

  1. Fungal Spores – Air – NON-VIABLE METHOD. Evaluation consists of recognition to category or team of all fungis existing, metrology to spores/m3, a general evaluation of history debris, plus complete dander, fiber and also plant pollen matter.
  2. Fungal Spores – Straight – NON-VIABLE METHOD. Identification and also semi-quantitative list of fungal spores as well as mycelium plus spore matter.
  3. Fungal Spores – PRACTICAL METHOLOGY. Mold-specific quantitative polymerase domino effect (MSQPCR) to measure 36 mold and mildews and also determine an index number for contrast with a data source of referral residences.


We give air testing of organic compounds (those including carbon) that are readily volatile, or evaporated, at “room” temperature level.

VOCs are in everybody’s air from the building materials and components. The combination of all VOCs, i.e. overall VOC, and also the particular structure of the VOCs can influence air quality. Greater degrees of VOCs usually cause a range of health issues. Particular chemical substances can cause extreme responses or undesirable smells, at reduced concentrations.

Why Test for VOCs?

  1. Raised VOC degrees in the residence can create both short-term and long-term health concerns. Breathing in vapors, or off-gassed chemicals, from these products can trigger several health and wellness affects such as frequent headaches, lightheadedness, fatigue, nausea, complication, coughing, wheezing, and eye, nose as well as throat inflammation. These symptoms can be signs that the high quality of air in the residence is poor– particularly if they diminish once you leave your home. Other, major, health issue that can occur with bad indoor air top quality are bronchial asthma worsening, digestion troubles, and damages to the liver, kidneys as well as central nerves. Some air contaminants are so dangerous that they can also cause cancer cells.
  2. The U.S. Green Structure Council’s advises the healthy structure degree of VOCs at 500 ng/L. However, data from thousands of homes tested show most homes have VOCs at more than two times this recommended degree.
  3. 20+ million UNITED STATE grownups have actually been detected with bronchial asthma, and it is additionally one of the most prevalent chronic disease among children. High VOC degrees can aggravate asthma and trigger attacks, so discovering high VOC levels and their resources can assist relieve bronchial asthma symptoms and also decrease attacks.
  4. Asthma occurrence and severity remain to increase as well as go to all-time high degrees. At the same time, outside air pollution is decreasing. Typically, many people invest about 90% of their time inside; consequently, our exposure to indoor air contaminants is significant. Numerous specialists suggest there is a strong association with the increase in bronchial asthma diseases as well as bad indoor air top quality.
  5. Infants, children, expecting ladies, older individuals and also people with respiratory system or heart disease can be more prone to interior air contamination. If your family members is comprised of any one of these teams of people? If so an air top quality assessment would certainly be sensible.
  6. Lots of more recent, more energy-efficient houses do not “breathe” appropriately. A residence air check can potentially uncover HVAC issues so they can be fixed.
  7. Carpeting, vinyl and laminate floor covering, closets, kitchen counters, as well as various other comparable building products use adhesives that “off-gas” constantly with time, even for several years. Many of these materials are made using unsafe chemicals– some that can also cause cancer cells. Testing for unsafe contaminants that could be prowling within your house is prudent.
  8. Dirt gas from environmental contamination can permeate into the cellar similar to radon. An IAQ Home Survey can determine this contamination.
  9. Undiscovered growing mold can create both health as well as structural issues. In addition to the advancement of health problems from the breathing of mold, significant structural structure damage can happen if mold is present. Dripping pipes, inadequately working or filthy air conditioning as well as furnace, and also ground water penetration in cellars and various other moist areas are all possible sources of proactively expanding mold and mildew. Often this mold goes undetected because it’s growing behind drywall or beneath floor covering.


24/7 WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION deals prompt, specialist mold and mildew testing and air quality assessment services with years of sensible experience in the environmental field.

Our team contains certified experts with years of experience, and a proprietor that has history in biology, setting and wellness security. He supervises every work and is readily available for examinations and sector recommendations.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration has actually been offering the general public as an Environmental as well as Wellness Safety Investigator as well as Professional for the State of California because 1985. He has actually benefited the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Management (NOAA) and also the Business Enterprise Program. Our inspectors are Qualified Mold Examiners accredited by MICRO and have years of experience in the construction sector.

Precision Mold Examining is an independent, locally-owned as well as operated business.


Interested concerning whether you need a mold evaluation for your house or company? Review some of our most frequently asked questions when it pertains to mold and mildew as well as interior air quality testing.

Why should I have a mold and mildew assessment?

To feel secure that your home is secure and giving you and also your household with a healthy environment. Mold is not visible at all times, even though the problems for mold growth exist, such as dampness, high temperatures, high humidity as well as a substratum to expand on. Staining may occasionally appear when mold and mildew multiplies. Our licensed as well as properly qualified assessors can determine whether the ideal conditions for mold growth are present, and also with additional screening, whether harmful mold is present in the home. We then recommend you on means to eliminate the mold and mildew problem.

What is an allergen?

Allergy producing materials are called irritants. They include mold, dust, mites, pollen, dander and foods. When these irritants can be found in contact with the body they trigger an allergic reaction in certain individuals– an allergy. Over 50 million Americans experience upper respiratory system signs and symptoms that are allergies to air-borne irritants. There are 2 types of allergic reactions: seasonal, which are triggered by flowering as well as growing trees in the springtime, yard in the summer or weeds in the loss; and perennial, which happen all year as well as are triggered by dirt, mold and mildew, animal dander and mites. We determine the kind of allergen in the house to make sure that a people’ allergic reactions can be removed or lessened.

Why pick 24/7 Water Damage Restoration?

Our staff is seasoned as well as educated in taking care of public health issues and also has the training and also understanding to assist customers via a mold and mildew crisis situation. Ken obtains included first-hand with all his clients to make sure the very best feasible remedies to the mold and mildew concern. PMT personnel is accredited and learnt mold examination and also must abide by Ken’s stringent standards.

Should clients exist throughout the examination?

We motivate clients to be existing at the time of the evaluation so the inspector can explain as well as educate people concerning the examination procedure and results. We function carefully with you to organize a time which finest fits your routine.

How much time does a mold assessment take?

Evaluation time varies depending upon the dimension of the home or the number of areas we are checking as well as the number of samples taken. Assessment of 1 – 2 locations of issue takes about 1 hr. An evaluation of a 2,000 sq ft living location might take longer than 2 hours.