Water Damage From Your Washing Machine

Often it happens that we put something heavy in your washing machine and a minute later your washing machine sounds like a buffalo trampling in the laundry room. When this happens, your washing machine has to suffer a lot of damage and in worst case scenario, it will be unable to bear the toll and will give out.

Do you know that flooding from washing machines is one of the top 10 causes of insurance claims each year?

It is not the malfunctioning of your washing machine which make things worse for you but the actual water damage which quickly enters your premises in a matter of few minutes. Much worse, if you often leave your washing machine running when you leave the house, chances are that the supply line would burst while you are away, and you would return home to face your worst nightmare. 24/7 Water Damage Restoration, as a reputable and reliable emergency water damage company, understands how much damage a malfunctioned washing machine can do to your property and belongings. We have seen thousands of washing machine related water damage cases and successfully resolved them as well.

Why Washing Machines Malfunction & Cause Flooding?

Water can spread in your home via washing machines and there are several reasons for it. We have listed some of these below along with some tips to help you minimize the damage while we reach your property to fix the damage.

  • Water Supply Line Burst or Loose Connections

Have you ever noticed a slight jolt in the supply line whenever you turn on your washing machine? While it is obvious that a high pressure of water is flowing through the pipes but the slight jolt is something you should be worried about. Over the years, the pressure is building up in the hoses, especially if the hoses are old or worn out. Sooner or later, these hoses will have some weak spots and an eminent sign is forming of large bubble in one part of the hose. This is a clear indication that your hose is about to malfunction. We highly recommend to have burst-free braided hoses installed that can be easily replaced after 6-7 years. If you are not careful about this, be ready to spend a hefty amount on structure damage and much more.

  • Pump’s Valve Malfunctioned or Got Clogged

This is a very common problem which occurs in the pump which draws the water out of the washing machine. If it malfunctions, within a few minutes water will spill all over the floor. Majority of the homeowners have their washing machines placed on the second level, close to the bedrooms. This means, if the pump’s valve malfunctions or gets clogged, water will quickly soak in the carpets and also stream down through any holes or cavities in the ceiling below. To prevent this, make sure that there is no blockage or soap and scum residue building up in the pump’s valve or even in the filtered design which helps to keep the valve free from any debris.

  • In Case Drain Hose Disconnects

Drain hose is probably the most important connection of your washing machine. It allows the water to safely exit your machine and enter the drainage system after you have washed the clothes. However, this drain hose can sometimes disconnect, especially if it is damaged or weak. This means, the water will now flood into your home instead of the drainage holes. We highly recommend that you check this drain hose connection every 6 months to ensure it is properly fastened and there are no blockages that can make it burst

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Best Way To Prevent Water Damage From Washing Machine?

A. Probably the best ways to prevent water damage from washing machine is to install a flood stopper which costs around $150-$200 and is fairly easy to install. It works by placing a sensor on the floor, right next to the washing machine. This detector will detect water and once it triggers, there is a piece which comes with this stopper and installed at the connection point for the hoses. As soon as water is detected, this stopper will shut off the water supply, preventing anymore water into the machine.

Q. What Should You Do In Case Of Water Damage From Washing Machine?

A. In case the water is spilling everywhere, the first thing you should be doing is to shut off all the supply lines to your washing machine. Next, salvage anything that isn’t wet yet but is in the path of the water. After doing both these tasks, the only option you are left with is to call a water damage restoration company like 24/7 Water Damage Restoration to come over to your place and do a thorough inspection of the damage and fix it. Don’t worry about the cost, as this loss is usually covered by our insurance company. Moreover, you shouldn’t delay calling professionals for help. The longer you delay, the more damage your property will suffer.

So, if you ever face water damage from your washing machine, don’t delay and call us immediately. We are available 24/7 and seven days a week to help you. You can call us anytime. Whether it is the busy morning time or the silent midnight, we are always available. We have a full team of professionals equipped with the right tools to help restore the damage.

Once you call us and discuss your problem, we will be at your location in no less than 60-minutes.